Memories of a Living Movement

“What, after all, is an animal worth, or a mountain, or a redwood tree, or an hour of human life? The market gives us a numerical answer based on scarcity and demand. To the degree that we believe that such values have meaning, we live in a world that is desacralized and desensitized, without heart... Continue Reading →

When the Eagle Passes Overhead

I’m sitting in an army tent draped in string lights. The propane heater ran out as the barrel furnace became operational. A crew of happy hardworking stove fixers extended the chimney another few feet to stop the smoke from billowing back into the room. One of them cut his hand getting tools from the truck... Continue Reading →

A Call To Celebrate Standing Rock

To Our Dear Water Protectors and Supporters, I am one voice among a sea of dedicated hearts. In all of us, there’s a yearning that we rarely discuss. That yearning, for me, was to be at Standing Rock and stop a single pipeline from violating indigenous rights and contributing to the destruction of our beautiful world.... Continue Reading →

Psy-Ops and Cyber Attacks at Standing Rock

Part I: Haunted Technology Connecting to the internet in Standing Rock is a difficult task. Most people have been using cellular data from a single hill, named “Facebook Hill”, in the west of camp. Unfortunately, the signal has been weak and is suspected of being interfered with by unknown parties. If there is a real need... Continue Reading →

Tribalism and Christmas Lights

“There is another kind of evil which we must fear most … and that is the indifference of good men.” -Boondock Saints   On November 24th, in Mandan, I saw something of the Standing Rock movement that bothered me. We drove into Mandan in a caravan of cars. Our destination, like always, was unknown until we... Continue Reading →

The Front

"Let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution…" -Benjamin Franklin All photos accredited to Elizabeth George. It was after dark on the evening of November 20th when someone cried out, “All Water Protectors to the barricade!” I turned to the camp cook... Continue Reading →

When Black Snake Goes Under The River

  Part I: Ready, Aim, Pray. Yesterday’s action in Bismarck, North Dakota, reaffirmed to the world that the movement is rooted in our better selves. The caravan rode bumper to bumper along the one hour route into Bismarck. We pulled into a staging area to organize the cars into four groups that would go in... Continue Reading →

The DAPL Supply Yard Incident

Part 1: Action We met at the south gate at 8am to organize for the action. Most of us didn’t know where we were heading, but we were told to bring masks, goggles, and earplugs. Legal came around to the respective groups with clipboards ensuring we had filled out paperwork should we be arrested. Under... Continue Reading →

Water of Life – Journey to Standing Rock

Answering the Call My journey to Standing Rock began in Martinez, California. The train station was tucked behind Shell refineries and wetlands of inland Bay Area. Petroleum crude is boiled here, creating a strata of different products, such as jelly, gas, jet fuel, fertilizer, plastics, rubber, and roof tar to keep out the rain. The train roars... Continue Reading →

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