Heart of the Family

This article is dedicated to the nursing staff at Kaiser Medical in San Francisco – their kindness and wisdom in matters both medical and immaterial – for helping us get through darker times. By Ari Herman Dad had a heart attack in the autumn of 2015. I got the call on my lunch break. On... Continue Reading →

Doing Not-Doing

Welcome to Vipassana. Bring your attention to the breath. Then, focus on bodily sensation. Try to avoid thinking, or focusing on thoughts. Focus between thoughts, between molecules, behind the movie screen. Do not personalize this. See you in 10 days. It was autumn of 2005 up in Kelseyville, California. I parked my '85 Volvo with... Continue Reading →

Encounters on Pueblo Territory

The sun hit the zenith over the eastern border of Navajo Nation as I pulled into the gas station off the 191. I was starting to get that stiff feeling behind my eyes from driving. The drunk man in front of the knockoff "7&11" swayed in his blue jeans and a faded black t-shirt. His... Continue Reading →

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