Dispatch 3 — Learning Gentleness

Late MarchDay by day, we walk into the wilderness of our inner lives. The internet deepens our information silo. We have no streets to confirm reality. Our sidewalks are empty, and without them we have less to affirm a common reality underneath spring rains. We have a window view and a playlist of music that... Continue Reading →

When Black Snake Goes Under The River

  Part I: Ready, Aim, Pray. Yesterday’s action in Bismarck, North Dakota, reaffirmed to the world that the movement is rooted in our better selves. The caravan rode bumper to bumper along the one hour route into Bismarck. We pulled into a staging area to organize the cars into four groups that would go in... Continue Reading →

Encounters on Pueblo Territory

The sun hit the zenith over the eastern border of Navajo Nation as I pulled into the gas station off the 191. I was starting to get that stiff feeling behind my eyes from driving. The drunk man in front of the knockoff "7&11" swayed in his blue jeans and a faded black t-shirt. His... Continue Reading →

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